COVID-19 Resources

2021 Plan Year Information

COVID-19 Resources for You and Your Family

As the situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, the Firm is pleased to offer resources to help keep you and your family healthy and protected.

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COVID-19 Testing and Treatment*

The Medical Plan covers COVID-19 testing – viral and antibody – and treatment at 100%. Learn More

No-Fee 24/7 Telemedicine*

We’ve waived the telemedicine fee so you can see doctors from the safety and convenience of your home. Must book appointment on or sites or apps. Learn More

Free Flu Shots and Other Preventive Care*

It’s not too late to get a free flu shot. And even though we continue to social distance, it’s important that we stay on top of our preventive care and screenings, which the Medical Plan covers at 100%.

Note: In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Firm has currently waived the member cost share for certain COVID-19 testing and treatment and telemedicine visits. We reserve the right to change this coverage, including reinstating deductible and coinsurance payments, at any time, as the pandemic evolves.


Mental Health Benefit

This year has been taxing to say the least, as we worry about our health and struggle with life’s stresses. If you’re feeling anxious or depressed, not sleeping, having relationship or family issues, feeling lonely, hopeless or angry, or struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, the Firm’s free, confidential mental health benefit through Lyra can help.

You and your family may each meet with an experienced therapist or mental health coach up to 16 times per year. Lyra offers individual, couples and family counseling, as well as online self-care tools.

Learn More

Gym Memberships

Join a gym for as low as $25 a month and use other fitness discounts.

Health Coaching*

Meet for free with a health coach for help with nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, stopping smoking, etc. Learn More

Mindfulness and Meditation

The Morgan Stanley Mindfulness Club holds weekly virtual meditation sessions. Learn More

HR Policy Updates

The Firm has adjusted certain HR policies, including vacation. Carry over half of your 2020 vacation-day entitlement – up to 10 days – to use in 2021. Learn More


Backup Child Care

When your sitter falls through or your child’s school is closed, the Firm subsidizes center and in-home child care by Bright Horizons. For 2020, the Firm increased the number of backup days from 30 to 40, which you may use to care for a child and/or adult.** Learn More

Primary Child Care and Educational Support

Explore caregiving and education resources for children of all ages, including tutors, learning pods and college admissions support through Varsity Tutors, Revolution Prep and College Coach. Many programs are discounted or free. Learn More

Children with Special Needs

Understand, advocate for and support your child from birth to young adulthood with personalized guidance and resources. Additionally, the Medical Plan covers ABA therapy for autistic children. Learn More

Elder Care Resources

Caring for an adult loved one? Here are two programs to help: Backup in-home care through Bright Horizons and eldercare planning through Note: For 2020, the Firm increased the number of backup days from 30 to 40, which you may use to care for an adult and/or child.**


Through December 31: 401(k) withdrawals and loan-payment suspensions for eligible employees as defined by the US CARES Act. Learn More

Will Preparation

For free will preparation, elect supplemental life insurance or the legal plan during benefits enrollment. Learn More


Now is the perfect time to ensure your beneficiaries are current. Learn More

Legal and Financial Support

Consult, at no cost, with an attorney, financial counselor, CPA or fraud resolution specialist. Learn More


Save on homeowner or renter, auto, identity theft, umbrella and even pet coverage.

Student Loan Refinancing

You, your family and friends receive preferred rates from SoFi. Learn More

Home Office and Schoolroom Savings

Equip your home office or schoolroom with discounts on computers and Microsoft Office, ergonomic sit-stand desks and chairs, printers and shredders, noise-cancelling earbuds, cell phone and internet and cable plans, PPE and more.

Perks At Work

For big or small purchases, sign up for Perks at Work to unlock discounts from 30,000+ retailers – and earn loyalty points. Invite your family and friends to save, too. Learn More

* Only employees and their dependents enrolled in the Firm Medical Plan are eligible for COVID-19 testing and treatment, no-fee telemedicine, preventive care and health coaching.
** In 2021, employees will be allotted 30 days of backup child and/or adult care. The Firm will evaluate whether to increase the number of days based on usage.