Elder Care Planning

2024 Plan Information

Elder caregiving comes with countless decisions. Elder Care Coaches ensure employees don’t have to make them alone. Care Coaches, a central feature of Bright Horizons Elder Care, are personal guides through the caregiving journey. And they provide a compassionate and expert voice to make sense of volumes of information, inform decision making and take the guesswork out of their elder caregiving experience.

Care Coaches tailor support to each situation, working one-on-one, at no charge. And each is assigned for the entire duration of the care experience, ensuring continuity at each stage, and providing personalized answers for every complicated step including:

  • Care plan creation
  • Requesting, understanding, and filling out important documents
  • Medical requirements
  • Legal and financial decisions
  • Advocating for elder and family needs on specialist calls
  • Coordinating in-home assessments
  • Identifying local services

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