Elder Care

2021 Plan Year Information

Care.com’s Senior Care Planning Program

Caring for aging relatives can be overwhelming to navigate alone. At no cost to you, the Firm’s Senior Care Planning Program through Care.com helps you find quality adult and senior care services.

When you register for your complimentary premium Care.com account through the Firm, you’ll be able to work with Master’s degree-level social workers who can help you develop customized elder care action plans, negotiate provider rates and even facilitate family meetings – all at no cost to you.

Care.com’s social workers and elder care professionals will:

  • Refer you to elder care attorneys and financial, residential and health care planning resources.
  • Assist in coordinating care for a loved one who’s nearby or out of state.
  • Help you find the right care when you need it, including companions to check in on your out-of-town parents on a weekly basis, local accountants to help them with their finances, or attorneys specializing in Medicare.
  • Facilitate meetings with you and your family members to help you agree on care plans – from what type of care is needed to how to pay for it.

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“Senior Sense” Blog:

February: We Are Not Our Parents’ Parents

March: How to talk to parents about needing care


February 5 (1-2pm ET): Advocacy in Healthcare Settings 

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May 7 (1-2pm ET): Important Resources for Family Caregivers

August 6 (1-2pm ET): Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: Caregiving Challenges and Strategies

November 5 (1-2pm ET): Maximizing Quality of Life as You Age



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Use the web-based services at Care.com to search for caregivers based on the level of care needed, background checks, reviews and location.

  • Senior housing
  • Home care agencies
  • Home care individuals
  • Special needs caregivers
  • Transportation needs

Care.com’s website also has a comprehensive senior care guide, helpful articles and many other resources.


  • The free Senior Care Planning Program can be used for any aging or disabled adult relative including your parents, grandparents, in-laws, spouses, partners, aunts and uncles.
  • You can even use Care.com for your own future planning.
  • There are several services that you can purchase to supplement your no-cost premium membership, including access to more robust background checks and Care.com’s HomePay and nanny tax-filing services.