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Stress less. Move more. Sleep soundly.

Mindfulness Made Simple with Headspace

As part of the Firm’s mental health resources, we offer Headspace, a leading mindfulness app, at no cost,* to employees, their families and friends, globally. Headspace is mindfulness made simple with short exercises to reduce stress and anxiety and improve your mood, energy levels, sleep and performance.

Headspace Can Help in Just a Few Minutes

Mindfulness teaches you to be fully engaged with whatever you’re doing and to get a healthy sense of perspective. It’s not about turning off your thoughts or feelings, but learning to observe them without judgment. Headspace offers 1,000+ hours of content in several languages to help with:
  • Stress, anxiety, loneliness and financial worries
  • Focus and motivation
  • Personal and professional relationships
  • Kids and parenting
  • Sleep, exercise and nutrition

Mini-Mindfulness Exercises for Busy Schedules

Mindfulness has been proven to lower blood pressure, boost immunity and overall health, and contribute to a happier, more fulfilled life. Even a minute of Headspace can help you be more present. Whether it’s before a big meeting or when you’re feeling overwhelmed, focusing on the present can help us find clarity. With more than 42 million users across 190 countries, Headspace can help you:
  • Reduce stress so you can feel less overwhelmed
  • Boost compassion and resilience to help build greater empathy for others
  • Reduce negative emotions to help you navigate through tough moments

* Note: As of February 2021, this benefit is no longer subject to income tax deductions for employees in Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, South Africa, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.

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Get Started and Feel the Benefits Today

  1. Visit your region’s sign-up page:
  2. Enter your Morgan Stanley email address to create your account.
    If you have a private Headspace account, log in with your credentials using the link above, and enter your Morgan Stanley email address for validation. Headspace will create your free Morgan Stanley account and suspend billing.
  3. Check your Outlook inbox for your sign-up link.
  4. Download the app to your phone.
New: Invite up to 5 family/friends to open a free, full-access Headspace account. See instructions.
Contact Headspace for Tech Support

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