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2023 Plan Information

Be In the Know About Your Morgan Stanley Benefits

Learn about the Firm’s nearly 200 benefits, resources and perks across our four wellbeing pillars: physical and mental health, financial wellness and family support.

For questions about your Morgan Stanley benefits, contact an Accolade Health Assistant.

What Colleagues Are Saying About Their Benefits

Financial Wellness

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“After the high of my daughter’s college graduation, came the reality of her student loan payments. She refinanced her loans through SoFi – and her rate fell almost 3.5%.”

“I saved $1,500 in fees by using a real estate attorney through the legal plan when I purchased my apartment.”

Did you know 90% of US employees participate in the 401k plan and 25% in the employee stock purchase plan?


“My brothers and I took care of our father while his wife took a needed break. Having a skilled caregiver [through Bright Horizons] help with dressing, feeding and his physical therapy exercises was great – and very affordable.”

“The new Maven resources is super helpful – spent 45 minutes on the phone with a child development specialist discussing potty training strategies for our toddler.”

“I first hired a tutor to help my high school-age daughter during the pandemic. It went so well that I did the same for my son who’s pre-med in college.”

“My daughter worked with a former MIT admissions counselor to her college applications. Thanks, College Coach.”

“Easy process, great communication, fantastic therapist! I finally have access to the mental health care I need. Being from a remote area, this was never an option for me. Truly life changing.”

“It was devastating to learn that my 7-year-old was being bullied at school. We arranged for her to speak with a Lyra therapist. After only a few sessions, we saw a marked improvement in her disposition. It was wonderful that she had a professional to talk to about her emotions.”

Headspace has been been a great tool to help teach my young daughter about modulating her emotions when there’s a meltdown. Plus, bedtime now includes having Bert and Ernie read her to sleep.”

Physical Health

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“The Accolade Health Assistants are a god-send, demonstrating both understanding of our benefits and concern I get the full value. After making multiple calls on my behalf, they determined the hospital wrongly billed me $4,000+ instead of $100.”

2nd.MD is a lifesaver – figuratively and literally. The specialist sorted through my complex medical issues and brought new light to treatment options. I feel I can move forward and make the best decisions for me.”

One Medical was great. My doctor was professional and took time to ask many questions and listen too. She provided a diagnosis and clear guidance for management. I like how the lab is at the same office.”

Gympass saved me $90 a month and I love being able to work out when I travel.”