Gym Memberships

Fitness Subsidy
The Firm will cover 50% of your cost to join a gym, up to $50 a month or $600 a year. You may apply this subsidy to gyms and studios in Wellhub’s network (formerly Gympass). (Note: The subsidy cannot be used to purchase at-home exercise equipment.) The Firm invests in this program in support of our hybrid lifestyles, making it easier to work out at the office, near the office, at home or near home – wherever you prefer.

All employees – regardless of business, location or level – are eligible for a fitness subsidy.

New York Metro: Onsite Gyms and Specials

Onsite gyms: If you work in (or are visiting) New York City or Westchester, take advantage of the Firm’s two full-service onsite fitness centers. Membership starts at $25 per month for non-officers at the Westchester Fitness and $30 for non-officers at the 1585 Broadway Fitness Center.

Note: The renovation of Lower Level B (LLB) at 1585 Broadway kicks off in 2024 as we continue to modernize our Headquarters and elevate the employee and guest experience. During the renovation period, the fitness center will be temporarily closed.

Eligibility: 1585: All US employees, contingents and consultants.


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