Fitness Subsidy

2024 Plan Information

Exercise should be a regular part of our lives. It not only changes our health for the better, it also improves our minds, attitudes and moods.

How the Fitness Subsidy Works

The Firm will cover 50% of your cost to join a gym, up to $50 a month or $600 a year. You may apply this subsidy to the gyms and studios in Wellhub’s network (formerly Gympass).* (Note: The subsidy cannot be used to purchase at-home exercise equipment.) The Firm invests in this program in support of our hybrid lifestyles, making it easier to work out at the office, near the office, at home or near home – wherever you prefer.

All employees – regardless of business, location or level – are eligible for a fitness subsidy.

*The Firm’s fitness subsidy is a taxable benefit and employees using the benefit will see imputed income on their monthly paycheck stubs. 

Wellhub (Formerly Gympass)

One Firm-subsidized membership – countless ways to be fit.
Sign up for one of Wellhub’s eight plans that range from $6 to $230 a month and give you access to thousands of gyms and studios nationwide. There’s also a free digital-only plan.

You select the option that’s right for you based on price and the facilities you want to use, and the Firm will chip in. For example, if you pick the starter membership, which costs $12 a month and includes 1,600+ facilities, you’ll receive a $6 subsidy from the Firm and pay $6. If you pick the diamond level, which costs $280 and includes 10,000+ facilities, your Firm subsidy will be $50, and you’ll pay $230. The Firm will pay the subsidy to Wellhub, so you won’t have to submit an expense report to be reimbursed.

  • Plans are month-to-month, with no initiation or cancellation fees – and you may end or change your membership tier at any time.
  • All levels include free access to virtual programming and fitness apps.
  • Most levels include virtual fitness services like personalized training, health coaching and nutrition planning.
  • Your dependents may join but are not eligible for the Firm subsidy.
  • See pricing and FAQs in this guide.
  • For specific gyms near you, download the Wellhub app or go to the Wellhub site and enter your Firm email address. Note: The prices shown reflect the Firm subsidy. You will not be charged until you join a plan.

If you have questions, email