Investment Options

You decide how your money is invested in the 401(k) Plan. The Plan offers two investment paths to address the various needs of its diverse participants.

  • Path 1: Delegate (choose your target date fund) is geared to the participant seeking a diversified portfolio that shifts the investment mix based on the time remaining until the target retirement date.
  • Path 2: Customize (choose your own investments) is geared to the participant who prefers to customize his or her investment portfolio.

With both paths, you may diversify and access investment options with varying risk and return profiles.

There is no assurance that a fund in the 401(k) Plan will achieve its investment objective. Funds are subject to market risk. The market value of a fund may decline and the value of fund shares may be more or less than what you paid for them. Accordingly, you can lose money investing in any fund.

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