For employees welcoming new family members through surrogacy, the Firm reimburses certain eligible surrogacy-related expenses up to your previously unused $75,000 family-building lifetime maximum.

Employees who have welcomed a baby via surrogacy and submit a surrogacy assistance program application for reimbursement within six months following the birth of the baby (and before an employment termination date, if applicable) are eligible to receive a lump-sum reimbursement to cover the cost of certain surrogacy-related expenses. Because surrogacy laws vary by state, eligible expenses are limited to qualifying medical expenses paid on behalf of the surrogate mother and all reimbursement amounts will be taxed.

For more information, see the Adoption and Surrogacy Assistance Summary Plan Description. Note: there will be updates to the list of expenses that are eligible for reimbursement. Check back in the coming weeks for an updated Summary Plan Description with these details.

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