New Parent Resources

Health Care

Comprehensive resources to ensure your family’s good health include 24/7 telemedicine, no-cost second opinions, support for special medical conditions and free confidential counseling.

Discounted Day Care

The Firm has negotiated special rates and priority placement with the Learning Care Group, the Learning Experience Academy, Cadence Academy and Cultural Care Au Pair

Backup Day Care and In-Home Backup Child Care

When your regular child care arrangements fall through, Bright Horizons’ national network
of child care centers and in-home assistants can help. Learn more.

Complimentary Membership

Find a wide variety of caregivers, educators, household assistants and more. Call 855-781-1303 to learn more.

Expert Assistance

If you need to hire a trusted child or adult caregiver, housekeeper, pet care provider or other care assistant. At no cost to you, a representative will speak with you to understand your needs, pre-screen and interview candidates, and present the top pick for your consideration.  Learn more

Family Network

Connect with other Morgan Stanley parents and learn about Firm resources and career development and networking opportunities. To learn more and join the network, type diversity in your browser from the office.

Healthy Meals for Babies, Toddlers and Kids

Let Nurture Life plan, source, prep and cook meals for your children so you have more time for yourself and your family. Get 10% off pre-made organic, ready-to-eat meals for babies, toddlers and kids, delivered straight to your door each week. Learn more

Send or Tote Breast Milk while Traveling for Business

Milk Stork provides breastfeeding employees with a convenient, no-cost solution to send or tote their breast milk home while traveling for work.

Resources for Children with Special Needs

Supporting a child who’s struggling with learning, emotional or developmental challenges can often feel overwhelming. Now you have help. Get free, expert guidance on your child’s unique situation so you are equipped to advocate for and support your child, and help him/her overcome hurdles, from birth through young adulthood. Learn more

Discounted Education Savings Plans

With costs rising for college and private K-12 school, it’s never too early to start saving
for your child’s education with a tax-advantaged 529 College Savings Plan or Coverdell Education Savings Account. Learn more

Managing Your Finances with Morgan Stanley

Among the many benefits of working at Morgan Stanley, through a Financial Advisor, you have access to a wide array of investment and lending products and cash management services. Depending on the size and complexity of your wealth management needs, you may work with a local Financial Advisor at one of over 600 branch locations or a Financial Advisor at the Client Advisory Center. Learn more

Paid Parental Leave Policy & Checklist

Learn more about the Firm’s Paid Parental Leave policy and be sure to review the Paid Parental Leave checklist before taking leave.


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