Maven’s Managed Fertility Benefit

All employees and their spouses/partners – regardless of medical plan enrollment – have access to Maven for pre-conception planning, fertility guidance and preservation support. Learn more.

The Firm covers fertility services for employees and dependents enrolled in the Firm’s Medical Plan through Cigna or UnitedHealthcare up to the $75,000 family-building lifetime maximum. You do not need to have a diagnosis of infertility to be covered. The benefit covers medical and prescription drug expenses and includes a variety of fertility treatments, including IVF, egg- and sperm-freezing (storage covered for 12 months).

All fertility-related medical and prescription drug services are administered through Maven. Covered fertility services include but are not limited to:

  • Office visits and diagnostic testing (bloodwork, hormone testing, ultrasounds)
  • Egg/sperm retrieval, freezing, thawing and 12 months of storage
  • Medications related to covered fertility treatments
  • Embryo fertilization and transfers
  • Embryology diagnostic and screening tests
  • Male fertility assessment, testing and surgical procedures (hormone testing, DNA fragmentation, PESE, TESA and mTESE)

Note: Fertility medical and pharmacy expenses incurred through Maven are subject to the same cost sharing and deductibles as the medical plan (Cigna or UnitedHealthcare). Members are responsible for paying their deductible and coinsurance for all fertility claims; these out-of-pocket costs are not eligible for reimbursement through the family building benefit and will not be applied toward the lifetime maximum.

Create Your Maven Account to Access Fertility Benefits

  • To activate your account, visit – or download the app. Your care advocate is also available through in-app messaging and video appointments to discuss fertility services. Learn about additional Maven programs.
  • Activate Maven Wallet to manage your eligible fertility, adoption or surrogacy expenses under the Firm’s $75,000 family building benefit.
  • Present your Maven Benefit ID, accessible through Maven Wallet, at an in-network clinic or provider’s office to access fertility coverage through Maven. You must use an in-network facility to qualify for coverage. To confirm your provider is in-network, contact your care advocate.

For more information, refer to the Health Benefits and Insurances Summary Plan Description.

Transition of Care

Maven contacted employees who are receiving fertility services through the medical plan (Cigna or UnitedHealthcare) about their transition of care.

As of January 1, your in-network fertility provider will send claims for covered fertility services to Maven rather than your health plan. If your current or recent provider is out-of-network, you must request an exception to continue to care with your out-of-network provider. Read these FAQs | See Maven’s In-Network Providers

For help identifying whether your provider is in- or out-of-network or understanding the fertility benefit, email to schedule a call with a Maven care advocate.

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