Fertility, Adoption and Surrogacy

Families are formed in many ways – and no matter how you grow yours, the Firm supports you. Beginning in 2022, we enhanced our family building benefit, giving employees greater financial assistance and flexibility. Employees are eligible to receive a $75,000 lifetime benefit to help cover the cost of fertility services, adoption and/or surrogacy.

You may use the family building benefit toward fertility* (to cover medical and prescription drug costs for IVF, egg- and sperm-freezing, for example), adoption, surrogacy – or any combination of the three. Previously, the fertility lifetime maximum was $30,000 and there were $10,000 per child maximums for adoption and surrogacy.

Eligibility requirements will remain the same – the fertility benefit is available to employees and dependents enrolled in the Firm’s medical plan with Cigna or UnitedHealthcare, while the adoption and surrogacy benefit is available to all benefits-eligible employees.

Note: If you received fertility services through the Firm’s health plan or received adoption/surrogacy reimbursements before January 1, 2022, those amounts will apply toward your new $75,000 lifetime maximum. As of January 1, 2022, you may submit eligible adoption and surrogacy claims and expenses towards the remaining amount of your family building fund, up to the lifetime maximum of $75,000. Prior expenses that were denied will not be re-processed. Eligible fertility claims are automatically applied toward the family building benefit through the applicable medical plan.

*The $75,000 fertility maximum for medical and prescription drug costs applies to employees and dependents enrolled in Cigna or UnitedHealthcare. Kaiser, HMSA and Cigna Global members have separate fertility coverage and maximums through their respective health plan. For additional information, check the Health Benefits and Insurances Summary Plan Description or call your health plan.


Below is more information on fertility, adoption and surrogacy – as well as other benefits to support you and your family.

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