Dependent Eligibility

Morgan Stanley allows you to cover the following eligible dependents under its benefit plans:

  • Your spouse or domestic partner (same sex or opposite sex).
  • Your or your spouse’s or domestic partner’s dependent children through the end of the month in which they turn age 26. Adult children up to age 26 are eligible for coverage even if they no longer live with the parents, are not dependents on the parents’ tax return and are no longer students.
  • Your or your spouse’s or domestic partner’s fully handicapped children, who meet certain specific plan requirements. See the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) for a full definition.

An eligible dependent child includes:

  • Biological children
  • Stepchildren
  • Legally adopted children
  • Foster children and any children placed with you for adoption
  • Children for whom you are the legal guardian, have legal custody, may claim a tax exemption as a noncustodial parent, or have an obligation to cover under a Qualified Medical Child Support Order

Ineligible dependents will not be enrolled in coverage and will not be offered the opportunity to continue coverage under COBRA. You may be required to repay to the Plans any amounts paid on behalf of an ineligible dependent.

For more information about eligibility, consult the Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) or contact HR Services.

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