Charitable Giving

The Firm is dedicated to supporting employees who are active in their communities. Through our Volunteer Incentive Program (a project of the Morgan Stanley Foundation) and Annual Appeal (Charitable Spending Accounts), you may be eligible to receive financial support from the Firm for the nonprofits you support.


Employees who are committed volunteers may be eligible to receive support from the Morgan Stanley Foundation. The grants, which range in size from $500 to $2,000 per employee per charity, are based exclusively on the level of engagement of the employee.

How It Works
Employees who volunteer a minimum of 25 hours or who serve on the governing board of a 501c(3) organization in the US can apply to receive financial support for up to two nonprofit organizations per year from the Morgan Stanley Foundation.

Significant eligibility and application requirements apply, so be sure to read all the details on the Volunteer Incentive Program website (from the office, visit:

The Annual Appeal, Morgan Stanley’s year-end giving campaign, empowers employees to support the charitable causes and organizations that matter most to them. The Annual Appeal is your chance to give back, with the added benefit of matching funds from the Firm: If your donation totals $50 or more, you will receive a 25% match that you can give to the charitable organizations of your choice, and a 100% match when you donate to the Morgan Stanley Foundation.

How It Works
The Firm matches contributions made only during the Annual Appeal.

  • You can choose to donate directly to the charity or have the amount deducted from your paycheck and donated on your behalf.
  • To participate and be eligible for a match, you must select either self-pay or payroll deduction and record your pledge no later than the campaign cutoff date. The participation window changes each year, but generally gifts need to be pledged and made between October 1 and March 31. Check the Annual Appeal website for details and updates (from the office type annualappeal in your browser).
  • Donors of $50 or more in the Annual Appeal will receive matching funds in a Charitable Spending Account (CSA) that you can allocate to the charity of your choice in the next year.
  • The maximum annual match per employee is $4,000.
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