What's New in 2021 (GVUL)

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What's Changing with Your Benefits in 2021

In addition to our comprehensive and valuable benefits offerings, we’re introducing these new and enhanced programs to help you and your family “live healthy and protected.”


New diabetes management and support program by Livongo*

Paycheck contributions will be the same for Cigna and UHC — but one provider may have better discounts in your state of residence, lowering costs when you seek in-network medical care.

*Available to you and your covered dependents with a diagnosis of diabetes.


Express Scripts will replace OptumRx and Cigna Pharmacy as the new prescription drug provider. New services include:

  • Discounts for medications for family members without insurance and on human medications used to treat pets
  • Extended payment program for home-delivery medications

In December, you’ll receive a welcome kit and a combined medical-Rx ID card.

Use Capsule Pharmacy – a free same-day delivery service – to receive your medications, including 90-day maintenance drugs. Service is available in select major cities.

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  • Unused Health Care FSA funds – up to $550 – will carry over automatically to your 2021 account**
**To carry over unused 2020 Health Care FSA dollars to use in 2021, you must elect to participate in Medical Plan Option A or B and contribute to the 2021 Health Care FSA during benefits enrollment.

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The maximum you may contribute will increase:

  • Individual – $3,600
  • Family – $7,200

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New Group Variable Universal Life Insurance (GVUL) program that combines life insurance with an optional investment feature. Your current supplemental life insurance will automatically convert to GVUL in 2021.

During enrollment, you may increase coverage for yourself and/or your spouse/ partner (may be subject to evidence of insurability). Also, the maximum coverage for your spouse/partner will increase to $250,000 (previously $200,000).