Medical FAQs

2024 Plan Information

What factors should I consider when choosing a Medical Plan option?

What are the main differences between Option A, Option B and Option C?

If I enroll in Option C this year, do I have to enroll in Option C again next year?

Why are the paycheck contributions lower for Option C than for the other options?

Does the annual deductible work the same way for all three options?

Does the annual out-of-pocket maximum work the same way for all three options?

What are preventive medications?

Do Options A, B and C use the same prescription drug administrator?

Does Option C cover prescription drugs in the same way as other plans?

What tools and resources are available to help me choose medical coverage?

What happens if I do not enroll or waive Medical Plan coverage during Annual Enrollment or my benefits eligibility window?

Is there a difference in the network of doctors for the medical plan options?

If I’m unhappy with my Medical Plan coverage, can I change it during the plan year?

Why is there a difference in cost between in-network and out-of-network providers?

If I’m using in-network providers, why should I check the cost of services in advance?