Group Personal Excess Liability (GPEL) Insurance – also known as umbrella insurance – is an affordable way to protect yourself and your family against third-party liability lawsuits and claims, worldwide. Although you may have basic homeowner’s and automobile coverage, that often is not enough in the event you are sued. For example, settlements for car accidents, boating accidents or even a dog bite can cost millions of dollars. Help secure your assets with GPEL. Coverage is available from $2 million to $50 million.

GPEL provides you (and other eligible members described below) with additional protection if your liability in a lawsuit exceeds the insurance coverage provided under a primary insurance policy. Coverage assumes that you carry primary insurance and pays only after those insurance policy limits are exhausted.

Program Summary and FAQs

To enroll, log on to
Username: Morganstanley
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  • GPEL covers personal injury suits including libel, slander or defamation of character, which generally are not covered by primary insurance policies.
  • GPEL covers judgment and settlement amounts as well as all defense costs associated with liability claims. GPEL pays the defense costs, whether or not the claim proves to be valid.
  • Coverage is available from $2 million per occurrence up to $50 million per occurrence. In addition, all participants are covered by excess uninsured or underinsured motorists’ protection up to $1 million per occurrence.
  • GPEL provides Identity Theft Expense and Kidnap Expense coverage.


  • All US benefits-eligible employees


  • The employee’s spouse or domestic partner
  • Any relative who resides with you
  • Any other person who resides with you, is under 25 and is in your care or your spouse or domestic partner’s care
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