Other Important Information

Any inconsistency between this communication and the terms of an official plan document will be governed by the plan document. Morgan Stanley and its benefit plans are not responsible for any data errors or processing delays. The plan administrator may correct any errors at any time.

The information contained in this document is general in nature, is not individual tax advice and may not be used to avoid any tax or tax penalty. Tax laws are complex and may change, and their application may vary based on the circumstances. Morgan Stanley and its benefit plans do not provide tax or legal advice. You are responsible for consulting your own advisors.

The plan administrator may require you to verify your and your dependents’ data. Providing false or misleading information may lead to legal or disciplinary action by Morgan Stanley, including employment termination and cancellation of executive compensation. This statement does not guarantee coverage; the plan administrators have ultimate authority for determining eligibility.

Check your confirmations and statements to ensure that your elections are correctly reflected. Morgan Stanley’s benefit plans may be amended or discontinued at any time, including to curtail benefits for some or all covered individuals.

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