What's New in 2018

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What's New in 2018

Morgan Stanley continues to offer valuable and competitive benefits. In 2018, we’re offering even more resources to ensure your and your family’s health and financial wellness now and for many years to come. We want to help you make the smart choices during this benefits enrollment, so you get the right care and protection and can truly benefit from your benefits.

As a reminder, annual benefits enrollment is your once-a-year* opportunity to review your current benefit elections, assess your and your family’s needs, and choose benefits that will work best for you in the upcoming year.

*You may change certain benefits elections during the year if you experience a qualified life event such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or loss of other coverage.


90-Day Prescription Drug Pickup at CVS Pharmacies Nationwide

If you are required to use mail order for a maintenance medication, OptumRx members have a new option to pick up your 90-day supply at your local participating CVS or Target pharmacy – at the same, lower cost. Cigna Pharmacy members will continue to have the option to pick up their maintenance medications at participating pharmacies through the Cigna 90 Now program.

As a reminder, employees and their families are required to receive maintenance medications through the OptumRx Mail Service Saver Plus program, Cigna Home Delivery Pharmacy mail order program, Cigna 90 Now program, or the new CVS 90-day pick-up program. Until you enroll in one of the maintenance medication programs, you will have three 30-day grace fills, per medication, at any retail pharmacy. If you have not enrolled by the fourth fill at a retail pharmacy, you will pay 100% of the cost of the medication. These out-of-pocket costs will not be counted toward meeting your deductible or out-of-pocket maximum.

Maintenance medications are those you take on an ongoing basis for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as birth control and certain behavioral health medications.

Go to www.optumrx.com or call 1-855-855-8757 to find a participating CVS or Target pharmacy near you. For more information, see Mail Order Pharmacy.

2018 Pre-Tax Account Contribution Limits

The IRS has increased the amount you can contribute to certain tax-advantaged accounts for 2018.

401(k) Plan



Health Savings Account

Single: $3,400
Family: $6,750

Single: $3,450
Family: $6,900

Health Care and Limited Purpose FSA



Dependent Day Care FSA



Commuter Benefits Program

Transit: $255/mo
Parking: $255/mo

Transit: $260/mo
Parking: $260/mo

Three Plans to Protect Your Future

It’s hard to plan for the unexpected. But with these insurances, you can have peace of mind knowing you are prepared for the financial costs that often come with disabilities, aging and more.

Long-Term Disability

Our isn’t changing. However, during this enrollment period, you will be automatically enrolled in LTD coverage for 2018, even if you previously waived coverage. If you do not wish to have LTD coverage in 2018, you must actively waive coverage during annual enrollment.

While it can be difficult to imagine, the possibility of developing a critical or long-term physical or mental health issue is not uncommon. Without LTD coverage, you could be left without any source of income should you find yourself unable to work for six or more months. LTD coverage provides 60% of your Benefits Eligible Earnings if you become ill or injured and cannot work for more than 180 days.

How your benefits provide financial protection in the event of illnesses or injury:

Sick DaysShort-Term DisabilityLong-Term Disability
Unable to Work For

Up to seven days

Eight or more days, up to 180 days

180 days or longer

Income Provided to You

100% of your Benefits Eligible Earnings

*Salary continuation

60% of your Benefits Eligible Earnings

Action Required

Automatically Provided

Automatically Provided

Automatically Enrolled

Cost to You

No cost to you

No cost to you

You pay the cost


Restrictions may apply based on your business unit or state. Financial Advisors or commissioned based employees receive a percentage of the trailing 12 months earnings. See Short-Term Disability for more information.

If you are not currently enrolled in LTD coverage, now is a great time to get coverage – rates are decreasing by 6% and you will not be required to submit evidence of insurability (EOI) as long as you do not opt out during Annual Enrollment. If you are on leave, you are not eligible to apply for LTD coverage until you return to work.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Health plans like the Morgan Stanley Medical Plan and Medicare generally cover the majority of potential medical costs, but not many of the costs associated with long-term care. If you (or your insured family member) become unable to care for yourself due to aging, illness or injury, Long-Term Care Insurance will pay a monthly benefit to use toward long-term care services, based on the insured individual’s policy.

Long-term care services include services such as nursing care or in-home care, and range from help with daily tasks such as bathing and eating to hospice or end of life care.

Employees and family members may purchase an individual policy as long as the insured person is over age 40 – at a discounted rate. Single enrollees receive a 10% discount, and couples receive a 30% discount. Because rates increase as you age or if your health declines, sooner is better when it comes to purchasing long-term care insurance.

Legal Assistance Plan – New Enhanced Option

Option A (Extended Family)
New for 2018 |  Cost per pay period: $11.25

Option A provides enhanced services and coverage for you, your spouse or domestic partner, eligible children, parents and parents-in-law. You may cover up to four sets of parents under this one plan, which covers the following services:

  • Identity management services
  • Promissory notes
  • Deeds (estate planning and elder care issues)
  • Power of attorney (estate planning and elder care issues)
  • Mortgages
  • Simple, complex wills
  • Healthcare proxy
  • Living wills
  • Codicils
  • Review any personal legal documents
  • Demand letters
  • Affidavits
  • Consultation and document review for Medicare and Medicaid application
  • Prescription plans
  • Nursing home agreements

Option B (Family)
Similar to our 2017  |  Cost per pay period: $8.25

Option B covers you, your spouse or domestic partner, and eligible children. If you are currently enrolled in the Legal Assistance Plan, you will be defaulted into this option. The coverage will remain the same, with additional coverage for identity management and personal bankruptcy services.

Quality Spine and Joint Care at Lower Costs

For certain conditions, UnitedHealthcare partners with top-ranked facilities across the country, called Centers of Excellence (COEs), to ensure you are getting quality care from leading practitioners. Beginning January 1, 2018, the Plan will pay 100% of eligible charges after you’ve met your deductible for certain spine or joint surgeries if you enroll in UnitedHealthcare’s Spine and Joint Solution (SJS) program, connect with  and use a COE.

In addition to the financial benefit, enrolling in the SJS program will partner you with a nurse who can:

  • Help answer questions on your treatment plan or surgery
  • Discuss options to manage your pain and care before and after surgery
  • Determine other testing or consultation needs

As part of the SJS program, members will connect with 2nd.MD to receive an expert medical second opinion confirming the appropriateness of their treatment plan.

Eligible procedures include:

  • Total hip and knee replacements
  • Spine disc surgery
  • Spine fusion surgery

COEs for Other Specialized Conditions

UnitedHealthcare members also have access to COEs for cancer treatment, gastric bypass surgery, infertility treatment, and substance and alcohol use treatment. Cigna members have access to COEs for substance and alcohol abuse treatment, along with other specialized services. If you are expecting a specialized surgery or treatment, call UnitedHealthcare or Cigna to ask about COEs for your service.

Kaiser Hawaii Participants: Changes to Your Prescription Drug Plan

Kaiser is making changes to the amount you pay for prescription drugs, including lowering the copay for maintenance medications and increasing the copay for certain specialty medications.

New Advocacy Service for 2018 – Benefits Advocates

Coming in 2018, we’re introducing a new dedicated concierge advocacy team to offer more individual attention and guidance for you and your family. One advocate can be your single point of contact, providing a more holistic and personalized experience.

Who do they advocate for? You and your family. Your advocate will be an expert in Morgan Stanley’s health and insurance offerings and employee perks, as well as programs like Medicare and Medicaid, and will be able to assist with issues or questions you may have. You can make appointments with them, and they can even process your elections choices for you. They’re here to help you take advantage of all the benefits and resources that can benefit you the most.

Here are some of the things your advocate can do for you: 

  • Research health care providers and set up appointments
  • Promote and educate you on all the Firm’s programs and offerings to ensure you are connected to the ones that best fit your needs
  • Review claim and billing issues, audit claims if needed, explain EOBs, and even contact carriers and physicians to dispute any claims on your behalf
  • Reach out to you at different stages in your life, to make sure you are aware of and understand resources available to you, such as when you’re newly hired, expanding your family, taking a leave of absence, transferring locations and more

Look for more information in early 2018.

Virtual Personal Assistants

Do you ever wish for a personal assistant? With the new Personal Assistants, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you’ll get the help you need to make the most of your busy life. This service will gladly handle everything from your everyday needs to more complex requests: dry cleaning, dining reservations, sports and entertainment tickets, vacation planning, and more. You name it and they can help.

Look for more information in early 2018.

2nd.MD and MSK Direct: Resources For Your Extended Family

The Firm cares about your family – beyond your covered dependents. That’s why we’re extending two of our valuable health care resources, 2nd.MD and MSK Direct, to your extended family members.

2nd.MDMSK Direct
Program Description

Expert second medical opinions to assess a diagnosis or treatment plan and make recommendations – at no cost to you

Priority access to top specialists and a dedicated resource to collect and manage your medical records and coordinate your care at Memorial Sloan Kettering

Who Can Use?
  • Spouse or domestic partner
  • Dependents and adult children
  • Parents and parents-in-law
  • Grandparents NEW
  • Spouse or domestic partner
  • Dependents and adult children
  • Parents and parents-in-law NEW
  • Grandparents NEW

Quick and Convenient Access To Castlight With the New Mobile App

allows you to search for in-network doctors, facilities and services in your ZIP code to compare costs before you seek care. Now, you can access Castlight’s cost and quality ratings on the go – from your smartphone or tablet. Visit your app store to download Castlight’s mobile app for convenient access when you need it most.

To make it easier for you to take advantage of this resource, you’ll be able to quickly enroll in Castlight during your annual benefits enrollment election process. After you’ve made your benefits elections, simply follow the prompts to register, so you can start saving.

Did you know? The price of an in-network MRI in New York City ranges from $400 to over $3,000. With this information, you can get the same quality care at a lower price.


Onsite EAP Counseling Coming to 1585 Broadway

As part of our Counseling and Support program, the Firm is bringing an onsite EAP counselor to our 1585 Broadway location. Employees will be able to receive up to five free counseling sessions per issue and support from licensed professionals at a convenient – yet private – location.

Reminder: New Child Care Resources

We recently rolled out a series of new child care resources to help with children of any age.  Read on to learn more.

New Child Care Resources
Cadence Day Care

The Firm partners with day care providers to get priority access and discounted rates for employees. Our newest partner, Cadence Day Care, is a premier early childhood educator with over 170 private pre-schools across the country.

Employees can enroll their children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old and receive a 10% discount on tuition, priority access, and free registration.

In-Home Backup Child Care

When your regular child care arrangements fall through, take advantage of the Firm’s backup care program. Managed through Bright Horizons, the program gives you access to a national network of child care providers. In addition to center-based child care, you now have access to in-home care for children.  Pre-registration required.

Resources for Children with Special Needs

The Bright Horizons Special Needs program helps you better understand, advocate for and support your child, from birth to young adulthood. Take advantage of free online resources, individual counseling sessions, live webinars and additional programs to help your child overcome educational and developmental hurdles.

Milk Stork

is a travel solution for breast feeding moms, providing convenient, refrigerated, express shipping or easy toting of breast milk to your baby back home.

Nurture Life

Nurture Life prepares organic, ready-to-eat meals for babies, toddlers and kids, and delivers them straight to your door each week. Let someone else do the planning, shopping, prepping and cooking so that you have more time for yourself and your family.