Ways to Save

2024 Plan Information

Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs

There are many ways you can save on the cost of your prescriptions.

Use Generics

  • They have the same active ingredients as brand-name medications.
  • Choosing a brand-name drug when a generic is available means you will pay the cost of the generic, plus the difference between what the Plan would have paid for the generic and the cost of the brand-name drug.
  • The additional cost will not apply toward your annual deductible, but is included in your out-of-pocket maximum.

Use a Preferred Brand-Name Drug

  • You pay less than you would for a non-preferred brand-name drug (but you still pay more than you would for a generic, if available).

Enroll in the Smart90 Mail-Order Program

  • When ordering Generics, you pay double the copay but receive three times the amount of medication – think of it as buy 2 get 1 free.
  • Costs for Preferred Brand-Name and Non-Preferred Brand Name drugs are typically less than at a retail pharmacy.
  • Receiving your medications in the mail couldn’t be easier or more convenient and having them sent directly to you makes it easier to follow your prescription drug regimen.
  • Enroll in the mail-order program and have maintenance medications filled and mailed automatically.