Unit Investment Trust

2024 Plan Information

Unit Investment Trust

Unit Investment Trusts are professionally selected portfolios of securities that may include stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds, closed end funds, real estate investment trusts, and/or master limited partnerships, among other investment options. UITs allow investors to access a diversified basket of securities that is fully transparent – you know what you hold and for how long. UITs are designed to meet stated investment objectives and follow a buy and hold strategy. That is, the fund advisors design UITs to be held statically for the life of the trust, which typically ranges from one to two years. The static nature of the trust is a disciplined approach to investing and is an effective tool for reducing headline driven trading. Morgan Stanley offers a wide array of equity and fixed income UITs to help meet your needs from various sponsors including First Trust, Guggenheim, Advisors Asset Management, Invesco, Hennion & Walsh and Morgan Stanley Portfolios.

Employees can purchase UITs at a discount from the regular sales charge (that is, the Offer Price minus the Dealer Concession).

Terms and Conditions

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