Surrogacy Assistance Program

2024 Plan Information

Surrogacy Assistance Program

Recognizing that there are many ways to grow your family, the Firm has introduced the Surrogacy Assistance Program to reimburse employees up to $10,000 of surrogacy-related medical expenses per child.


Employees who have completed a qualifying surrogacy and submit a Surrogacy Assistance Program Application for Reimbursement within six months following the birth of the child (and before an employment termination date, if applicable) are eligible to receive a lump-sum payment up to $10,000 per child, to pay for certain surrogacy-related expenses. Because surrogacy laws vary state-by-state, eligible surrogacy-related expenses will be limited to qualifying medical expenses paid on behalf of the surrogate mother.

Note for parents intending to adopt a child born via surrogacy: If you plan to legally adopt the child born of a surrogate mother, you will be eligible for one $10,000 reimbursement.

See the Adoption and Surrogacy Assistance SPD.