Quality Spine and Joint Care

2024 Plan Information

Quality Spine and Joint Care at Lower Costs

For certain conditions, UnitedHealthcare partners with top-ranked facilities across the country, called Centers of Excellence (COEs), to ensure you are getting quality care from leading practitioners. The Plan will pay 100% of eligible charges after you’ve met your deductible for certain spine or joint surgeries if you enroll in UnitedHealthcare’s Spine and Joint Solution (SJS) program, connect with 2nd.MD and use a COE.

In addition to the financial benefit, enrolling in the SJS program will partner you with a nurse who can:

  • Help answer questions on your treatment plan or surgery
  • Discuss options to manage your pain and care before and after surgery
  • Determine other testing or consultation needs

As part of the SJS program, members will connect with 2nd.MD to receive an expert medical second opinion confirming the appropriateness of their treatment plan.

Eligible procedures include:

  • Total hip and knee replacements
  • Spine disc surgery
  • Spine fusion surgery