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Medical Contributions

Estimate Your Medical, Dental and Vision Paycheck Contributions – and See What You’ll Pay for All Other Benefits

The cost of quality health care is a shared expense between Morgan Stanley and employees. The Firm pays a percentage of the cost of your medical coverage, based on 10 pay bands – and you pay the remainder through contributions that are deducted from your pay, twice each month, on a before-tax basis. (Employees who make less receive higher Firm contributions.)

Note: If you or your spouse/domestic partner uses tobacco products and certifies as such during Annual Enrollment, your annual contributions for medical coverage increase by $500 per tobacco user. Providing false or misleading information may lead to legal or disciplinary action by Morgan Stanley, including employment termination and cancellation of executive compensation.

To estimate your paycheck medical, dental and vision contributions, select the information that applies to your situation in the wizard below. The wizard shows estimates only. When you enroll for your benefits, you’ll see exact paycheck contribution amounts.

Note: Although your paycheck contributions will be the same wherever you live in the US, Cigna or UnitedHealthcare may have negotiated more favorable rates in your state for when you seek medical care.

To see the employee paycheck contributions for all Morgan Stanley benefits plans, see the PDFs below.

My location is:

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My Benefits Eligible Earnings are:

Generally, your W-2 earnings. For details, see below, or to see your actual BEE, log on to the Benefit Center website during enrollment.

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I want to see my per-paycheck costs for:

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    Contributions for these three coverages are taken before-tax.

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Note: If you are covering your domestic partner or the children of your domestic partner, the IRS determines the tax status of your dependents and may impose a tax on the value of coverage. For additional information, see the Health Benefits and Insurance Summary Plan Description.

How Your BEE Is Calculated

Benefits Eligible Earnings consider different measures of your compensation to determine how much you pay each paycheck for medical coverage, as well as the maximum amounts of insurance coverage (Supplemental Life, Long-Term Disability, etc.) you may elect. For instance, the maximum amount of Supplemental Life Insurance you may elect is 10 times your BEE, up to a maximum of $5 million.

Typically, your BEE is the greater of your current base pay or your prior year’s W-2 earnings (base pay, commissions, overtime and bonus).

Additionally, your BEE calculation depends on your hire date, whether you are a Financial Advisor (FA), or whether you transferred to the United States from an international location:

You are:Your BEE is the:
Not a recent/new hire* and not an FA
*Hired more than two years ago
Greater of US Eligible Pay* or Base Pay
A recent/new hire* and not an FA
*Hired less than two years ago
Greater of W-2 from your prior employer (if submitted), US Eligible Pay or Base Pay
Not a recent/new hire* and an FA
*Hired more than two years ago
Greater of US Eligible Pay or Base Pay
A recent/new hire* and an FA
*Hired less than two years ago
Greater of US Eligible Pay, Base Pay, W-2* or Trailing 12-Month Earnings* (T12)
*W-2 or T12 will be used to determine your BEE if either are greater than your Base Pay or US Eligible Pay
International transfer*
*Transferred within the two most recent calendar years
Greater of Total Rewards, US Eligible Pay or Base Pay
You've been rehired:Your BEE is the:
Rehired within 31 days of leaving the FirmSame BEE as before you terminated employment; BEE is determined as if you never left the Firm
Rehired more than 31 days but less than 12 months since leaving the FirmGreater of prior year’s US Eligible Pay, current Base Pay or same BEE before you terminated employment
Rehired more than 12 months since leaving the FirmSame as a new hire’s; BEE will be recalculated

Employee Contributions for All Morgan Stanley Benefits

To access contributions for all employee groups, download the contribution documents below:

2024 Employee Contributions

2023 Employee Contributions

2022 Employee Contributions

* Does not include COBRA rates for retiree medical coverage. For details, contact HR Services.