Paid Parental Leave

2023 Plan Information

The Firm is pleased to offer a generous and flexible parental leave policy, as well as a host of benefits and resources to help you during this exciting time. All employees who become parents following the birth, adoption, surrogacy, foster care placement or court order of legal guardianship status of a new child are eligible.

All parents may take up to 16 weeks of paid parental leave:

  • May use up to 2 weeks before the child’s birth
  • May split remaining time into 3 intervals — each must be at least 2 weeks
  • All leave must be taken within 12 months of the child’s arrival

Parents who qualify for medical leave may take 6-8 weeks of paid medical leave. It must be taken at one time, immediately following the birth.

Medical leave (short-term disability) for pregnancy is in addition to paid parental leave. Medical leave for pregnancy is typically:

  • 8 weeks for those who deliver a baby by C-section, or
  • 6 weeks for all other deliveries

Note: Paid parental leave begins after medical leave (short-term disability), resulting in at least 22 weeks of paid leave related to pregnancy.

Use the checklist as your roadmap before, during and after your parental leave. It explains the Firm’s policies and catalogs resources, ranging from important contacts to child care options and financial benefits to help you make a seamless transition to and from your leave.

You must inform your HR Representative and your manager of your upcoming leave.

Two weeks before your anticipated leave, contact MetLife, the Firm’s leave administrator.