Breast Milk Shipping with Maven

2024 Plan Information

Maven supports virtual consultations with coaches, clinicians and specialists, 24/7, focusing on adoption and surrogacy, pregnancy, parenting and pediatrics. Your membership includes Maven Milk, a solution for breast feeding moms who are traveling for work, offering breast milk shipping with domestic and international travel kits. The Firm is proud to offer this service at no cost to employees.


Step 1: Download the Maven Clinic app and create your account. Select Maven Milk from the program dashboard.

Step 2: Select from three kit options:

  • Pump and Post kit for US travel
  • Pump and Carry kit for overnight travel and carrying on
  • Pump and Check kit to tote and check milk while traveling internationally

Each kit will provide details on what’s included, the quantity of milk you may store and how long it will last. Note: Your dedicated care advocate can help.

Step 3: Maven Clinic will ship the milk to your home or travel location.