Mental Health Benefits by Lyra

2024 Plan Information

Easy, free access to quality care for you and your family. Whether you’re feeling anxious, overwhelmed, stuck or dealing with something more complex.

New in 2023

Whether you’re wanting to drink less or stop drinking entirely, Lyra’s alcohol recovery program, Lyra Renew, offers support to help you better understand your relationship with alcohol and learn skills to manage your drinking. Lyra Renew is available to all employees, regardless of medical plan participation. Note: To access care, you may indicate alcohol use during intake. Or, your current Lyra provider may make a referral. Speak with a Lyra Care Navigator to learn more (844-926-2648).

Lyra Can Help

Lyra can support your emotional and mental wellbeing. When dealing with life’s challenges, experienced coaches, therapists and physicians, and self-care tools can help:

Free and confidential services – 16 free sessions per person, per year for employees and their dependents. Cigna and UnitedHealthcare members may continue care with their Lyra provider beyond 16 visits on a reduced in-network basis. Plus, members may meet with physicians who can prescribe and help you manage mental health medications.*

Solution-focused care – If your emotions, thoughts or behaviors are negatively affecting your life, Lyra supports simple to complex care including coaching, therapy and advanced care coordination. Lyra providers specialize in clinically proven treatments that help you better understand yourself so you can address those challenges and find stability.

Convenient options for busy lives – Schedule a video or in-person appointment as soon as the next day (median time until first appointment is 6 days). Individual, couples and family counseling options. Or, use self-care tools on the go. New York City employees: Meet with an onsite counselor at the office.

Work-life support: Lyra has financial and legal services to help you and your family during challenging times. If you’re facing legal or financial issues, consult confidentially and at no charge for 30 or 60 minutes with attorneys, mediators, financial counselors, CPAs or fraud resolution specialists.

How to Get Started

  1. Create your account at Important: Open site in Chrome.
  2. Complete a short, confidential assessment.
  3. Select from a personalized list of therapists and coaches.
  4. Schedule an in-person or virtual appointment.

Contact Lyra if You…

  • Are stressed, anxious, depressed or having problems sleeping
  • Want to talk about life issues like illness or loss or legal or financial concerns
  • Are concerned your child is having issues at school, is being bullied or facing behavioral challenges
  • Have relationship or family issues, or are thinking about a separation or divorce
  • Are struggling with alcohol or substance use
  • Frequently feel lonely, hopeless or angry
  • Take mental health medications or feel you may need them
  • Think you need mental health or emotional support and don’t know where to start

Helping You Through Uncertainty – Mental health care through Lyra supports you through life’s challenges

Support as Work and Home Life Blur – Lyra can help parents with the stress of managing work and child care

Help Finding Connection from Your Couch – feeling lonely or isolated? Contact Lyra for help

Get Started

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*Sessions beyond the initial 16 free sessions and medication management are available only to employees and eligible dependents enrolled in the Firm’s medical plan through Cigna or UnitedHealthcare. These sessions are subject to cost-sharing and copays. Employees, their spouses/partners and children ages 2 to 26 who do not participate in the Firm’s medical plan or who are enrolled through Kaiser or HMSA will continue to be eligible for 16 free sessions with Lyra mental health therapists or coaches, per person, per year.