Gender Affirmation Benefit

2024 Plan Information

The Firm is proud to offer a suite of gender-affirmation benefits and resources to support members of our transgender, non-binary and intersex community.

Health Plan Coverage

Beginning January 1, 2022, employees and eligible dependents enrolled in Cigna or UnitedHealthcare will be covered for gender-affirming care and procedures, including an enhanced set of services, including (but not limited to):

  • Breast augmentation
  • Electrolysis (hair removal)
  • Thyroid reduction chondroplasty
  • Facial-affirming surgeries
  • Voice therapy/lessons

Members must have a diagnosis of gender dysphoria to receive services. Additionally, certain procedures and services may require pre-authorization.

Covered services are the same across all three plan options (Plan Options A, B and C). As with any other medical services, out-of-pocket costs vary between plan option, as they are subject to the plan’s deductible, coinsurance and out-of-pocket limits.

When high-quality, in-network care or covered services are not locally available within 100 miles of your primary residence, UnitedHealthcare and Cigna offer a Travel & Lodging benefit to assist members with eligible travel-related costs, up to a $10,000 lifetime maximum. To learn more, reference the Health Benefits and Insurance Summary Plan Description.

Additionally, Cigna and UnitedHealthcare have dedicated support lines staffed by experienced representatives to support members undergoing a gender transition, from billing and claims questions to assisting with finding care and reviewing coverage.

To learn more about gender-affirming coverage through Cigna and UnitedHealthcare, see the Health Benefits and Insurance Summary Plan Description.

If you are enrolled in the Kaiser, HMSA or Cigna Global plan, call the phone number on the back of your medical plan ID card for information about the gender-affirmation benefits under your plan.

Mental Health Coverage (Lyra)

Access to quality mental health providers who specialize in supporting individuals who are transitioning is important. The Firm’s mental health benefit through Lyra provides 16 free, confidential visits with a licensed therapist or coach for both employees, their spouse/partner and children under age 26. Additionally, Cigna or UnitedHealthcare members may meet with Lyra’s physicians, who can prescribe and manage medications at a reduced in-network rate (standard deductible and coinsurance will apply).

Members enrolled in the Firm’s medical plan through Cigna or UnitedHealthcare may continue care with their Lyra provider beyond 16 sessions at a reduced, in-network rate (standard deductible and coinsurance will apply).

Lyra’s network of providers includes clinicians who are LGBT+ or who specialize in LGBT+-related matters. To find a provider who meets your needs, including a provider with specific demographics or sensitivities, call Lyra at 844-926-2648. You may also access Lyra online at (open in Chrome) or by typing lyra/ in your Morgan Stanley intranet browser.

Expert Medical Opinion (2nd.MD)

Whether you are just beginning your transition or are well along your gender-affirming journey, contact 2nd.MD at any time for an expert medical opinion, at no cost to you. From understanding options to planning your procedures, 2nd.MD will enlist a leading medical specialist to assess your situation. You’ll first meet with an experienced nurse who will gather information about your situation, then retrieve your medical records and schedule your appointment with a specialist physician. Following your consultation, you’ll received a detailed write-up with insights and recommendations about your situation. 2nd.MD can also refer you to a specialist for follow-up care.

US employees and your extended family may contact 2nd.MD, even if you are not enrolled in the Morgan Stanley Medical Plan.

To get started, visit to activate your membership using your Morgan Stanley email address. Then, call 866-841-2575 to speak with a care team member.

Learn more about 2nd.MD.

Legal Plan (MetLife)

The MetLife Legal Plan provides affordable legal services through a network of 15,000 attorneys. Note: You must enroll in the plan during benefits enrollment each fall for coverage the following year. Once enrolled, the plan covers the fees of in-network attorneys for a wide range of services, including LGBT+-related legal matters, estate planning, name change, adoption, surrogacy, rental and tenant issues, tax audits and more.

Learn more about the Legal Plan.

Questions? Call MetLife at 800-821-6400.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance (Aflac)

Aflac’s Hospital Indemnity Insurance, which you may elect during benefits enrollment each fall, will pay you or a covered dependent a lump-sum cash payment if you are hospitalized. Hospital stays for gender-affirming procedures are covered. The benefit is paid in addition to any coverage you receive from your medical plan or other supplemental insurance.

Amount you’ll receive: $1,500 for the first hospital admission annually – plus $200 per night you are in the hospital (or, $400 if in the ICU or $300 if in an intermediate intensive care step-down unit).

Learn more about Hospital Indemnity Insurance.

Questions? Call Aflac at 800-433-3036.