Family Services

2024 Plan Information

Family Services

Whether you’re looking for day-to-day after-school care for your kids or assistance with aging parents, we’ve got your needs covered with resources that provide extra support.

Discounted Day Care

For today’s working parents, access to high-quality, affordable child care is more than a perk — it’s essential. Discounted day care centers offer programs through a network of schools designed to meet every parent’s needs. Morgan Stanley employees receive a 10% discount off tuition at participating schools.

Cultural Care Au Pairs

Morgan Stanley employees receive a one-time $500 discount on trusted, flexible, live-in child care with a unique international perspective.

Child Care Centers and In-Home Options

When your regular child care arrangements fall through, take advantage of these programs, managed by Bright Horizons, which give you access to a national network of child care centers and in-home caregivers.


  • To arrange for care at a local center in the Bright Horizons network, visit Bright Horizons’ website (login information below) or use the mobile app.
  • The cost to you is $20 per day for one child, or $35 per day for two or more children.* The Firm subsidizes this amount.
  • You are eligible for up to 40 days of care each year to use (includes child and/or adult care).
  • You may reserve a space up to 90 days in advance (up from 60, effective June 1, 2023).
  • Most centers accommodate children aged 6 weeks to 12 years. The age range varies by state, so check with the care center you intend to use.


As an alternative to dropping off your child at a Bright Horizons daycare center when your regular care arrangements fall through, you can arrange for a caregiver to come to your home. Pre-registration required.

  • The cost for in-home care is $8 an hour,* with a 4-hour minimum and a 10-hour maximum each day. The Firm subsidizes the cost of care. Note: You can also arrange for a caregiver for an adult. Learn more.
  • If Bright Horizons cannot find an in-home caregiver in its network, you may arrange for “out-of-network” care yourself by a family member, neighbor, friend, regular babysitter, etc. — and be reimbursed $100 a day by Bright Horizons to cover that cost. You are responsible for all other costs associated with care beyond the $100 per diem.

*Note: Employees will see imputed income of $75 per child or adult per day of care on their last paycheck of the calendar year.
* * * * * * * * *


  • You need a break from balancing your work and managing your child’s at-home schooling.
  • You have a new child (congratulations!) and need care while you transition back to a normal work schedule.
  • Your child’s school or child care center is closed for a break, teacher in-service day or inclement weather.
  • Your stay-at-home spouse is called in for jury duty or has an appointment.
  • You’re in-between child care arrangements.
  • Anytime your regular day care provider is temporarily unavailable.

Elder caregiving comes with countless decisions. Elder Care Coaches ensure employees don’t have to make them alone. Care Coaches, a central feature of Bright Horizons Elder Care, are personal guides through the caregiving journey. And they provide a compassionate and expert voice to make sense of volumes of information, inform decision making and take the guesswork out of their elder caregiving experience.

Care Coaches tailor support to each situation, working one-on-one, at no charge. And each is assigned for the entire duration of the care experience, ensuring continuity at each stage, and providing personalized answers for every complicated step including:

  • Care plan creation
  • Requesting, understanding, and filling out important documents
  • Medical requirements
  • Legal and financial decisions
  • Advocating for elder and family needs on specialist calls
  • Coordinating in-home assessments
  • Identifying local services

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Work-life Webinars

Work-life webinars are available throughout the year that provide helpful tips on parenting and being a caregiver to loved ones.