Family Care Resources

2021 and 2022 Plan Year Information’s Senior Care Planning Program

Caring for aging relatives can be overwhelming to navigate alone. At no cost to you, the Firm’s Senior Care Planning Program through helps you find quality adult and senior care services.

When you register for your complimentary premium account through the Firm, you’ll be able to work with master’s degree-level social workers who can help you develop customized elder care action plans, negotiate provider rates and even facilitate family meetings – all at no cost to you.’s social workers and elder care professionals will:

  • Refer you to elder care attorneys and financial, residential and health care planning resources.
  • Assist in coordinating care for a loved one who’s nearby or out of state.
  • Help you find the right care when you need it, including companions to check in on your out-of-town parents on a weekly basis, local accountants to help them with their finances, or attorneys specializing in Medicare.
  • Facilitate meetings with you and your family members to help you agree on care plans – from what type of care is needed to how to pay for it.

Use the web-based services at to search for caregivers based on the level of care needed, background checks, reviews and location.

  • Senior housing
  • Home care agencies
  • Home care individuals
  • Special needs caregivers
  • Transportation needs’s website also has a comprehensive senior care guide, helpful articles and many other resources.


    • The free Senior Care Planning Program can be used for any aging or disabled adult relative including your parents, grandparents, in-laws, spouses, partners, aunts and uncles.
    • You can even use for your own future planning.
    • There are several services that you can purchase to supplement your no-cost premium membership, including access to more robust background checks and’s HomePay and nanny tax-filing services.


Child Care Centers and In-Home Options

BACK-TO-SCHOOL UPDATE (August 1, 2021): To help families as children head back to school and parents return to the office, the Firm is enhancing our family programs:

  • You have 10 extra family support days for a total of 40 days in 2021, which you may use toward backup child care as described below — as well as for tutoring and backup in-home adult care
  • Copays will be waived in September and October
  • You can now book services 90 days in advance (instead of 30 days) through the end of 2021

Note: Bright Horizons child care centers and in-home caregivers are following enhanced health and safety protocols.

When your regular child care arrangements fall through, take advantage of these programs, managed by Bright Horizons, which give you access to a national network of child care centers and in-home caregivers.


  • To arrange for care at a local center in the Bright Horizons network, visit Bright Horizons’ website (login information below) or use the mobile app.
  • The cost to you is $20 per day for one child, or $35 per day for two or more children.* The Firm subsidizes this amount.
  • You are eligible for up to 30 days of care each year to use (includes child and/or adult care).
  • You may reserve a space up to 30 days in advance.
  • Most centers accommodate children aged 6 weeks to 12 years. The age range varies by state, so check with the care center you intend to use.


As an alternative to dropping off your child at a Bright Horizons daycare center when your regular care arrangements fall through, you can arrange for a caregiver to come to your home. Pre-registration required.

  • The cost for in-home care is $8 an hour,* with a 4-hour minimum and a 10-hour maximum each day. The Firm subsidizes the cost of care. Note: You can also arrange for a caregiver for an adult.
  • If Bright Horizons cannot find an in-home caregiver in its network, you may arrange for “out-of-network” care yourself by a family member, neighbor, friend, regular babysitter, etc. — and be reimbursed $100 a day by Bright Horizons to cover that cost. You are responsible for all other costs associated with care beyond the $100 per diem.

*Note: Employees will see imputed income of $75 per child or adult per day of care on their last paycheck of the calendar year.
* * * * * * * * *


  • You need a break from balancing your work and managing your child’s at-home schooling.
  • You have a new child (congratulations!) and need care while you transition back to a normal work schedule.
  • Your child’s school or child care center is closed for a break, teacher in-service day or inclement weather.
  • Your stay-at-home spouse is called in for jury duty or has an appointment.
  • You’re in-between child care arrangements.
  • Anytime your regular day care provider is temporarily unavailable.

* * * * * * * * *


It’s important to register in advance so that the program is available if you need last-minute care. Register now using any of the three options below.

  • Visit the Bright Horizons website (Employer Username: MorganStanley; Employer Password: Benefits4You).
  • Call 833-224-7075 for 24/7 support.
  • Download the Back-up Care app. Search for Bright Horizons in the Apple App or Google Play Store.

Expert Assistance from

Having trouble finding the right help for your to-do list?


Expert Assistance from offers you personalized, one-on-one help finding and hiring the right person for the job you need.

Specialists will help you screen local caregivers on and bring top candidates to your attention. The service includes a thorough needs assessment, prescreening and phone interviews with caregivers, a customized candidate presentation, and criminal background and motor vehicle record checks on the candidate of your choice.


Family Care

  • Babysitters
  • Special needs care
  • Tutoring
  • Nannies


  • Housekeepers
  • Errand runners and odd job providers

Your To-Do List

  • Party planners
  • Movers
  • Grocers and errands

Pet Care

  • Sitters and walkers
  • Grooming and boarding
  • Obedience training

This service is available at no cost to you and available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 8 pm, Eastern.

So what are you waiting for? Let help make your life easier.


Express Scripts, the Firm’s prescription drug partner, offers a discount program so you can save on human medications to treat your pets. To learn more, type rxdiscountpets [http://rxdiscountpets] in your browser when on the Morgan Stanley intranet – or visit

College Coach

College admissions is competitive. College Coach can provide an advantage.

Morgan Stanley partners with College Coach, the nation’s leading provider of educational consulting services, to help parents and their children navigate the college application process. College Coach experts can assist at every step of the way – from helping you understand the true cost of college and financial aid options to reviewing your child’s college essays and preparing for admissions interviews.

College Coach offers, at no cost, regular free webinars, as well as one-on-one counseling and a virtual learning center, to help families save for, select, apply to and finance college. Programs are geared for parents and their children of all ages, from kindergarten to middle school through high school.

Coaches are former senior admissions and financial aid officers who draw on their experience working for some of the nation’s leading colleges.


  • Personalized college list
  • Comprehensive essay and college application assistance
  • Organizational and timeline plan
  • Interview preparation
  • Recommendation strategies
  • High school academic and extracurricular planning
  • Scholarship search strategy
  • Tuition payment planning
  • Financial aid form explanation
  • Award negotiation approaches

In addition to your standard benefit that Morgan Stanley provides at no cost to you, employees have access to purchase the College Coach Retail Program, providing your family with unparalleled access to former admissions officers from highly selective schools. With more than 90% of College Coach graduates gaining admission to one of their top-choice schools, one-on-one coaching sessions will ensure your child’s best chance at success.

Mention College Coach and receive a 10% discount on tutoring and test preparation services through Revolution Prep. LEARN MORE

This program is not a Morgan Stanley employee benefit plan. Click here for important information about this Employee Offer.


Discounted Day Care

For today’s working parents, access to high-quality, affordable child care is more than a perk — it’s essential. Discounted day care centers offer programs through a network of schools designed to meet every parent’s needs. Morgan Stanley employees receive a 10% discount off tuition at participating schools.

Cultural Care Au Pairs

Morgan Stanley employees receive a one-time $500 discount on trusted, flexible, live-in child care with a unique international perspective.