Dental Contributions

2024 Plan Information

Dental Contributions

You and the Firm share the cost of your Dental Plan coverage. Your contributions are deducted from your pay on a before-tax basis.

Note: Your location and salary band are used to calculate only your medical contribution rates.
The costs shown below are per paycheck contributions. For the monthly cost, double the amounts shown.

Yourself OnlyYourself + Spouse/Domestic PartnerYourself + ChildrenYourself + Family
MetLife Option A$13.92$27.83$27.83$41.75
Delta Dental Option A$13.92$27.83$27.83$41.75
MetLife Option B$7.88$15.75$15.75$23.92
Delta Dental Option B$7.88$15.75$15.75$23.92

If you are covering a domestic partner or the children of a domestic partner, the IRS determines the tax status of a dependent and may impose a tax on the value of coverage. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

Employee Contributions for All Morgan Stanley Benefits

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* Does not include COBRA rates for retiree medical coverage. For details, contact HR Services.