Cost Estimator Tool

2024 Plan Information

Cigna and UnitedHealthcare have online tools that let you “shop” for in-network doctors and medical services based on cost estimates, location and patient satisfaction ratings.

How It Works

The cost and quality of medical care can vary dramatically, and more expensive doesn’t always mean better care. In fact, in-network providers can charge significantly different amounts for the same service, even within the same ZIP code. These tools allow you to compare cost and quality ratings for providers and medical services before you book an appointment so you can make smarter, more informed health care decisions.

Who Can Use It

The cost estimator tools are available at no cost to employees and their family members who are enrolled in the Firm’s Medical Plan through Cigna or UnitedHealthcare.

When to Use It

When you want to:

Save money with personalized cost estimates and quality ratings for doctor visits, lab work, X-rays and imaging, surgery and other medical services.

Note: The cost estimates are estimates of your out-of-pocket costs. They are not a guarantee of the actual amount that you will pay for the service.

Find high-quality medical care using patient reviews and doctor profiles, which include board certifications, years of experience and educational background.

See what’s covered by your medical insurance and how much it will cost.

Get Started

Visit your app store to download Cigna or UHC’s mobile app or visit or

Did You Know?

The Firm shares in the cost of your medical expenses. “Coinsurance” is the percentage you must pay out of pocket for a covered health care service after you’ve met your annual deductible. If your coinsurance is 20%, the Plan pays 80% of the cost, and you’re responsible for the remaining 20%. Although you pay only a portion of the cost, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to save.

Choosing a health care provider based on quality and cost can reduce your out-of-pocket medical expenses. For example, if the cost of a visit to an in-network primary care doctor can range from $57 to $110, and your share is only 20%, you could end up paying from $11.40 up to $22 for that service. Furthermore, a chest X-ray can range from $114 to $569, meaning you could pay from $22.80 up to $113.80.