Bariatric Surgery Resources and Centers of Excellence

2024 Plan Information

Bariatric Surgery Resources (UHC Only)

If you are enrolled in the Firm’s Medical Plan through UnitedHealthcare (UHC) and your doctor recommends bariatric surgery, you have access to UHC’s best-in-class Bariatric Resource Services and UHC Centers of Excellence.

UnitedHealthcare’s Bariatric Resource Services program provides bariatric surgery education and support from experienced nurses who will guide you throughout the process. The program’s goal is to help you understand and manage conditions associated with morbid obesity before and after surgery, and to encourage successful weight loss through surgical intervention.

You will receive treatment at UHC Centers of Excellence to ensure best-in-class care from world-class practitioners for specialized health needs, including bariatric surgery. These top-ranked facilities across the country deliver the best-in-class results by employing the highest-quality clinical care. UHC will coordinate your care before and after your surgery, including monitoring for health conditions related to the surgery to avoid unnecessary risk. A personal nurse advocate can help you locate a Center of Excellence near you, coordinate your care and answer your questions.

When using UHC’s Bariatric Resource Services and receiving treatment at a UHC Center of Excellence, the Medical Plan will cover 100% of the cost of bariatric surgery, and 80% of all other services related to the surgery. Bariatric surgery that is performed in a facility other than a UHC Center of Excellence or by an out-of-network provider will not be covered and the participant will be required to pay the full cost of the surgery.

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