10 Ways to Save

2024 Plan Information

10 Ways to Save on Quality Health Care with Your Morgan Stanley Benefits

The best way to save money on health care is to stay healthy. But sometimes, illness or injury strikes. Whether you’re maintaining your good health or dealing with an unexpected medical flare up, here are some practical tips to reduce your out-of-pocket health care costs.


Shop for quality health care

Did you know the price for the same health care service can vary significantly, even within the same ZIP code? Before seeking care, contact an Accolade Health Assistant for cost estimates for doctors, procedures, lab work or other services.


Use free preventive care

The health plans pay 100% for annual exams and certain screenings and services when you use in-network providers. And it’s easy to get exceptional preventive medical care for adults and children at One Medical.

Good to know: The dental plan covers two in-network checkups annually. And through the vision plan, a yearly in-network eye exam costs only $20.


Avoid the emergency room

In a true emergency, don’t hesitate to go to the ER. However, more than 25% of ER visits aren’t needed and can cost you thousands of dollars in unnecessary charges. For urgent care, consider:


Take generics and manage your prescriptions

Requesting three-month quantities of your maintenance (regular) medications reduces your prescription drug spend. Plus, did you know the Firm pays the full cost of certain generics to help with high cholesterol, diabetes, tobacco cessation and HIV prevention?

Good to know: Capsule Pharmacy offers free same-day delivery in many cities and suburbs (capsule.com/morganstanley).


Choose your lab or imaging center

Hospital-based labs and imaging centers can cost you significantly more than national groups like LabCorp and Quest.

From the Cigna and UnitedHealthcare sites, search for a nearby lab or imaging center.


Take advantage of free wellness programs

Get a complimentary health assessment and health coaching to help you manage stress, lose weight and quit smoking.

Get started today with Cigna or UnitedHealthcare.


Stay in-network

You’ll typically pay less when you use in-network providers. Plus, in-network providers take care of getting preauthorization for all services (something you have to do yourself if you go out-of-network). For help finding in-network providers, contact an Accolade Health Assistant.


Seek second opinions

At no cost to you, 2nd.MD offers expert second opinions to confirm your diagnosis or identify alternate treatment options.

Make informed decisions about your care.


Get your shots

Many expensive and dangerous illnesses, like the flu or chicken pox, can be prevented with vaccines. Log on to the Cigna and UnitedHealthcare sites to find out where to get a free flu shot near you.

Good to know: If your upcoming trip requires vaccinations, One Medical has you covered for free as part of your Firm-provided membership.


Use tax-advantages accounts

During benefits enrollment each fall, elect to contribute to a health care flexible spending account or health savings account to reduce your health care costs.

BONUS: Stay healthy at work

If you work in a New York metro office, take advantage of the Firm’s onsite amenities:

  • Onsite health centers by One Medical: 1585, NY Plaza and Purchase
  • Dermatology: 1585
  • Mental health counseling by Lyra: 1585 (Coming soon in additional locations)
  • Fitness Centers: 1585 and Purchase
  • Physical therapy by ColumbiaDoctors: 1585 and Purchase
  • Restorative Suites: NY Plaza and Purchase
  • Cafés: 1585, 750,  522,  NY Plaza and Purchase
  • Morgan Stanley ATMs: 1585, 750,  522,  NY Plaza and Purchase
  • Shoeshines and Repairs: 1585 and Purchase
  • Dry Cleaner: Purchase
  • Barber: 1585