10 Ways to Save

2023 Plan Information

10 Ways to Save on Quality Health Care with Your Morgan Stanley Benefits

The best way to save money on health care is to stay healthy. But sometimes, illness or injury strikes. Whether you’re maintaining your good health or dealing with an unexpected medical flare up, here are some practical tips to reduce your out-of-pocket health care costs.


Shop for quality health care

Before you seek care, see cost estimates and patient ratings for doctor visits, lab work, X-rays, surgery and other medical services. Prices for the same service can vary significantly, even within the same ZIP code. Think of a cost transparency tool like a health care Consumer Reports.

Compare prices and quality on the UnitedHealthcare (UHC) and Cigna sites.


Receive preventive care at no cost to you

Your health plan pays 100% for annual exams and certain screenings and services when you use in-network providers.

See what’s covered by checking the Health Benefits and Insurance Summary Plan Description.


Avoid the emergency room

Over 25% of ER visits are not true emergencies and can cost you $1,000 or more than a trip to a primary care doctor or urgent care clinic. In a true emergency, don’t hesitate to go to the ER. For other urgent needs, however, consider:

  • Telemedicine: Virtually visit a certified physician via telephone or video conference when you can’t make it to the doctor’s office. are available through your Medical Plan provider.
  • Urgent care clinics: A convenient, low-cost option for after-hours or weekend care. Find the urgent care center closest to home with the UHC and Cigna sites.

Reduce your prescription drug costs by using generics

And save even more with the convenient mail-order program if you take a medication regularly.

Learn more on the OptumRx site.


Choose your lab or imaging center

Hospital-based labs and imaging centers can cost you significantly more than national groups like LabCorp and Quest.

From the UHC and Cigna sites, search for a nearby lab or imaging center.


Take advantage of free wellness programs

Get a complimentary health assessment and health coaching to help you manage stress, lose weight and quit smoking.

Get started today with Cigna or UnitedHealthcare.


See specialists only when necessary

Your primary care doctor can treat most common problems and costs you less than a specialist.

Find a doctor using the provider search tools on the UHC and Cigna sites.


Seek second opinions

At no cost to you, 2nd.MD offers independent expert second opinions to confirm your diagnosis or identify alternate treatment options.

Make informed decisions about your care.


Get your shots

Many expensive and dangerous illnesses, like the flu or chicken pox, can be prevented with vaccines. Log on to the UHC and Cigna sites to find out where to get a free flu shot near you.


Review your claims

Medical bills can contain errors that can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Have a Morgan Stanley Benefits Advocate explain or audit your health care bills. Advocates are also able to help you resolve medical, prescription drug, dental and vision claims.

BONUS: Stay healthy at work

If you work in a New York metro office, take advantage of the Firm’s onsite wellness facilities:

  • Four health centers in New York City (1585 Broadway, 522 5th Avenue, One New York Plaza and Westchester)
  • Physical therapy by ColumbiaDoctors (1585 Broadway and Westchester)
  • Two full-service fitness centers (1585 Broadway and Westchester)