Pet Programs by Petco

With Petco Wellness, unleash savings on pet products, preventive care and insurance for your furry, four-legged family members.

Pets are cherished members of any family and Petco can help ensure their health, safety and overall wellness with pet discounts, pet insurance and everything you need to take great care of your cats and dogs.


With Petco Wellness, save 10% off:

  • Supplies and services at Petco stores and
  • Preventive care programs
  • Pet insurance – or up to 20% when you enroll multiple pets. See more about pricing below.

Because there is no vet network, you can continue to go to the vet you know. Also, take advantage of ask-a-vet consultations.


When you enroll in either pet insurance or the wellness program, the cost will be deducted from your paycheck. Get quotes on the YouDecide site (see instructions below).

  • Petco insurance is there when your dog or cat has an accident or is ill. Premiums are based on species, breed, age and ZIP code.
  • The Petco wellness program covers routine preventive care to help maintain your pet’s health.

Learn More and Get Quotes

  1. Type “youdecide” in your Morgan Stanley browser.
  2. Click the Voluntary Benefits tile.
  3. Click the Petco Wellness tile.
  4. Click Get a Quote and follow the prompts. Important: When asked to enter your MSID, start with a zero if your ID is 5-digits.

See More Pet Programs on the YouDecide Site

Pet Assurance
Pet Plus


8 am to 7 pm ET, M-F

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