What’s New in 2017

Morgan Stanley continues to offer comprehensive, best-in-class benefits choices to help ensure the health and wellness of you and your family. Please carefully consider what’s new for 2017, assess your anticipated health care needs and choose the benefits that will work best for you in the upcoming year.


Hospital Indemnity Insurance is a supplemental benefit that pays out a lump-sum amount in the event you or a covered dependent is hospitalized. The benefit payout varies based on the reason and length of the visit, and is paid in addition to any coverage you receive from the Medical Plan or other supplemental insurance. There is no restriction on how you use the money – use it to cover your medical bills, or to reimburse yourself for anything not covered under your medical plan, such as transportation, lodging, or bills.

Consider adding this coverage if you want financial protection from a “what if” scenarios, or if you anticipate having a surgery or becoming pregnant in the coming year.  Learn More


PinnacleCare is a service that helps you find the right medical professionals for your needs and customizes a treatment plan for you and your family. You will be supported by a team of physicians and medical researchers who will coordinate your care and guide you through your treatment. You may purchase PinnacleCare coverage for less than $1 a day and gain the peace of mind that comes with having an objective, unbiased resource to help you navigate your most pressing healthcare challenges.


Employees may elect Corporate Excess Disability Insurance (CEDi) coverage issued by Lloyd’s of London, which offers benefits in the event of permanent and total disability. Permanently and totally disabled means you are unable to perform your regular occupation due to a covered injury or illness and are not expected to ever recover and return to work. The amount of coverage and type of payment (lump sum, monthly) you are eligible for is based on your eligible earnings and is offset by any other policies you carry. CEDi can provide up to 70% income replacement when combined with other disability policies. Additionally, enrollees who earn less than $500,000 annually are eligible to receive only a lump-sum payment, while employees earning over that amount may choose either lump-sum or annuity payout. Learn More

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