What’s Included and What Requires Cost-Sharing?

  • Preventive care, physicals and wellbeing visits: Morgan Stanley’s medical plan covers the full cost of one physical exam or wellness visit each year, as well as age-appropriate screenings. This health care checklist summarizes the care we need by age and sex.
  • Around-the-clock virtual care: Any care you receive by an on-demand Treat Me Now visit or provider messaging is free and covered by your Firm-provided membership. Scheduled remote video visits are subject to deductible and cost sharing.
  • In-office visits: Whether in-person or over video, these appointments are billed to your insurance like a standard doctor’s visit. Your normal deductible and coinsurance apply.
  • Morgan Stanley Onsite Health Center (New York Metro): Most services will continue to be free of charge to employees; however, lab work and prescription drugs are submitted to your insurance carrier (regular deductibles, coinsurance and copays apply).

Note: Employees enrolled in Medical Plan Option C (or a non-Morgan Stanley high-deductible health plan) will pay a fee for non-preventive services (aka “sick visits”), according to IRS regulations. For a list of services and fees, see this schedule or call an onsite health center.

To learn more about One Medical, find a location and search for a provider, visit onemedical.com/morganstanley and download the One Medical app.

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