What are the main differences between Option A, Option B and Option C?

The three Medical Plan options work similarly in that:

  • They all cover the same medical services and generally the same prescription drugs, and you have access to the same network of providers.
  • You must first meet a deductible before coinsurance or cost-sharing begins.
  • For in-network preventive care, you do not need to meet the deductible and the services are covered at 100%.
  • All options provide coverage for in- and out-of-network services, though your costs will be lower if you use in-network providers.

The biggest difference among the options is when and how you pay for care.

  • With Option A, you’ll pay the most through your paycheck contributions, and the least when you need care.
  • With Option C, you pay the least out of your paychecks, but potentially more when you need care due to the high deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.
  • Option B falls in the middle of Options A and B in terms of when you pay.
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