Mental Health Benefit

Our daily routines continue to be taxing as we worry about our health and struggle with life’s stresses. If you’re feeling anxious or depressed; not sleeping; having relationship or family issues; feeling lonely, hopeless or angry; or struggling with alcohol or substance abuse, the Firm’s mental health benefit through Lyra can help.

You and your family may each meet with an experienced therapist or mental health coach up to 16 times per year — confidentially and at no cost. Lyra offers individual, couples and family counseling, as well as online self-care tools. Learn More

Headspace App

Enjoy a free subscription to Headspace, a leading mindfulness app with short, guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to help you reduce stress and anxiety and improve your mood, energy levels, sleep and performance. Learn More

MS Mindfulness

The Firm’s Mindfulness Club holds weekly virtual meditation sessions. Learn More

Gym Memberships

The maximum Firm subsidy has doubled from $25 a month to $50 a month, which you may use toward different gym membership tiers at Gympass – and use other fitness discounts.

Health Coaching*

Meet for free with a health coach for help with nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, stopping smoking and more. Learn More

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