HSS Facilitated Access

Morgan Stanley is continuing to partner with top-tier providers to ensure you are getting the best experience when seeking care. In additional to Memorial Sloan Kettering and NY-Presbyterian Hospitals, Morgan Stanley is now partnering with the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). HSS can help treat all orthopedic and rheumatologic conditions for adults and children, including chronic muscle, bone and joint pain, sports injuries and autoimmune disorders.

Through our partnership with HSS, you and your family members will have customized access to HSS musculoskeletal specialists. After a simple consultation to access your condition, insurance, location and other preferences, you’ll receive:

  • Physician referrals and connections
  • Timely appointment scheduling and confirmations
  • A dedicated point of contact throughout your issue

HSS Facilitated Access is available to you and your extended family members for no additional charge. HSS is part of both Morgan Stanley’s UnitedHealthcare and Cigna networks.

HSS Locations
HSS’s main campus is located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Depending on your clinical needs, there are additional locations in Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Connecticut and New Jersey.

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