How This Insurance Works with Medical Coverage

Supplemental Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity Insurance policies from Aflac complement your other coverage. For example, if you are considering Option C under the Medical Plan, you could purchase one, two or all of these supplemental insurance options as another way to manage Option C’s higher deductible if you or a family member faces a hospitalization. You could put the money you save on payroll contributions towards the premiums for Hospital Indemnity Insurance.

Unlike traditional medical coverage, the payments you receive from these supplemental insurances are not tied to your medical bills and there are no rules on how you can use the money. All claims are submitted to Aflac directly and decided by Aflac in its sole discretion.

If you enroll in another Aflac policy (Critical Illness Insurance or Accident Insurance), you could potentially receive benefits from one or more policies. The Aflac insurance policies do not offset one another. For example, assuming you are enrolled in all three policies, if you are hospitalized due to a bike accident, both Accident and Hospital Indemnity will pay benefits.

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