Employee Scenarios

Meet Jim. Jim is in a car accident and is admitted to the hospital. It’s a bad accident, and Jim is in ICU for two days, then in a regular room for three days. How much will Hospital Indemnity Insurance pay Jim?
$1,500 for admittance
$800 for two days in ICU
  $600 for three days in a step-down unit

$2,900 total

Note: If Jim also had Accident Insurance, he could receive an additional benefit from that policy.

Meet Tina. It’s time. Tina is in labor and admitted to the hospital to give birth. After a successful delivery, Tina and her newborn baby spend two days in the hospital in regular care. How much will the plan pay Tina?
$1,500 for admittance
$400 for Tina’s two days
  $400 for baby’s two days

$2,300 total

Meet Dave. Dave’s arthritis in his knee has gotten worse and his doctor recommends knee surgery. Dave is admitted to the hospital for out-patient surgery, and spends two days in regular care. How much will the plan pay Dave?
$1,500 for admittance
  $400 for two days

$1,900 total

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