Concerned About the High Deductible?

You may be worried that an unexpected illness or injury can mean major medical bills if you are covered under Option C. When deciding what medical coverage is right for you, consider:

  • The money you save in paycheck contributions can be saved in your HSA (up to IRS limits) and used to pay for eligible health care or prescription drugs.
  • If you schedule a surgery or other expensive medical procedure, you may elect to contribute more money to your HSA (up to the IRS maximum contribution limits) at any point during the year.
  • The out-of-pocket maximum limits the amount you will be responsible to pay in a given year.
  • If you elect supplemental Critical Illness, Accident and/or Hospital Indemnity Insurance, you can receive lump-sum payments to help offset high medical bills in the event of serious illness or injury.
  • Visit the UHC or Cigna sites to compare costs before you need to see a doctor or undergo a procedure. The cost of services and surgeries can vary, even in the same ZIP code. Comparing costs before selecting your provider can help you avoid overpaying for care, without sacrificing quality.
  • Use 2nd.MD to have medical experts review your case and recommend treatment options, which can potentially save you from unnecessary, high-cost treatments.
  • Talk to your doctor about generics, preferred-brand drugs and mail order prescriptions. Because non-preventive medications are subject to the combined annual deductible under Option C, using lower-cost options can save you serious cash.
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