Under Medical Plan Option C, your non-preventive prescription drug costs count toward your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum amounts. So, if you are prescribed a non-preventive prescription drug early in the year, it is possible you’ll receive a bill as high as $2,300 for single coverage or $4,600 for family coverage. If you are enrolled in family coverage, you must meet the family deductible amount before the plan will begin to pay benefits for all non-preventive drugs and services. Learn more about how prescription drug benefits work with Medical Plan Option C. 

If you have a condition requiring regular, high-cost medications, you may want to consider Medical Plan Options A or B.

Note: Preventive drugs are generally prescribed for people who may be at risk for certain diseases or conditions. This does not include drugs or medicines for treatment of an existing illness or condition.

View the current Express Scripts preventive prescription drug list.

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