Check if Your Doctors Are In-Network

Before electing medical coverage through Cigna or UnitedHealthcare each year, you should check to see if the doctors and hospitals will continue to be in the same network for the coming year. Although infrequent, providers can change networks at any time during the year without notice.


  • Go to Cigna’s website.

  • Choose Employer or School.

  • Enter your provider’s ZIP code.

  • Follow the prompts until it aks to Continue as guest. Then, enter ZIP code again if prompted.

  • When prompted to select a plan, choose Open Access Plus, OA plus or Choice Fund OA Plus.

  • Go to UHC’s website.

  • Choose Medical Directory or Behavioral Health, as needed.

  • Choose Employer and Individual Plans.

  • If prompted for the network, select Choice Plus.

  • Choose Change Location to enter your provider’s ZIP code.

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