Virtual Tutoring

2022 Plan Information

BACK-TO-SCHOOL UPDATE (August 1, 2021): To help families as children head back to school and parents return to the office, the Firm is enhancing our family programs:

  • You have 10 extra family support days for a total of 40 days in 2021. , which you can use toward virtual tutoring as described below – as well as for backup child and adult care
  • Copays will be waived in September and October
  • You can now book services 90 days in advance (instead of 30 days) through the end of 2021

Are you struggling to support your child’s learning while working? Does your child need help with homework or academic support in a specific subject?

Great news: You may use your Bright Horizons family support days to reserve an experienced tutor through Varsity Tutors to help your child stay on track this school year. The Firm subsidizes the cost, so you co-pay is only $20 for 4 hours for each family support day you use. You may use your 4 hours of tutoring in 1-hour increments. Tutoring is available for children ages 6 to 18-years-old. Here’s how to use family support days for tutoring.


  • Instant virtual homework help or scheduled 1:1 virtual tutoring in reading, math, science, social studies and 300+ other subjects
  • Targeted support with a math or reading expert who can identify areas of opportunity and help your child excel
  • Exchange family support days for 4 hours of virtual tutoring

You are allotted 30 family support days at the start of each year. If you have no remaining days for the year or want to reserve your days for backup child or elder care through Bright Horizons, the cost of tutoring is as follows. Rates reflect a 20% employee discount:

  • Individual tutoring – $48/hour (average)
  • Group classes – $20/hour (average)
  • Enrichment classes: $0 to $20 per class

Discounted tutoring is also available through Revolution Prep and Sylvan Learning, although you may not exchange family support days for their services. Compare your options.

Tax Implications: The value of virtual tutoring is considered taxable income. For example, if you use your 30 annual family support days for tutoring, the value will be $2,790 (30 days x $93, the assigned value for 4 hours of tutoring) and you will be taxed on that amount, which can typically range from 35% to 45%, depending on your tax bracket.

We recommend you consult with your tax advisor.