Preventive Health Care

2024 Plan Information

Recommended Preventive Care Screenings

Getting preventive care can reduce your risk for disease — and it’s covered under your Morgan Stanley plan at 100%. Having a regular primary care physician (PCP) can help you stay on top of preventive care screenings.

Review the chart below to find out which screenings are recommended for you based on your age and gender.


Men Women



Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Screenings


Prostate Cancer Screening

(Ask your doctor about intervals)

Gynecological Exam

(Annual; pap smear every three years)


(Ask your doctor about intervals)

For children’s immunization schedule refer to CDC guidelines.

Dental Cleanings

(Twice a year)


(Ask your doctor about intervals)


(Every other year)

Bone Density Scan

(Ask your doctor about intervals)

Skin Cancer Screening

(Talk to your doctor if you’re at an increased risk for skin cancer, and be sure to report any suspicious moles or spots.)

Lung Cancer Screening

(If you’re between 50-80 years of age and have a history of smoking, ask your doctor if a lung cancer screening is recommended. )

Sexually Transmitted Infections + HIV Screenings

(Discuss with your doctor based on your health risk and history.)