Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious threat and one of the fastest growing crimes worldwide. The average individual spends an estimated $500 and 30 hours to fix an identity theft incident. As a Morgan Stanley employee, take advantage of exclusive rates for identity protection from Allstate Identity Protection Pro – only $7.95 per person per month, or $13.95 per family per month, a savings of almost 50% compared to retail pricing.

Enrolling with Allstate gives you a suite of identity and fraud protection services:

  • Proactive identity and credit monitoring to catch more fraud, sooner
  • Monthly credit score and annual credit report
  • Wallet monitoring securely stores the contents of your wallet for quick replacement if lost or stolen
  • Internet surveillance to monitor for your information on the underground economy, where thieves buy and sell personal information
  • Dedicated case manager to assist the identity restoration process from start to finish
  • Solicitation reduction including fewer preapproved credit cards, junk mail and telephone solicitations
  • Digital identity report to provide a snapshot of what the internet reports as “you” online
  • $1M identity theft insurance policy to protect you in the event of fraud
  • Social media reputation monitoring to alert you of reputational damage posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

Did you know that credit monitoring catches only 21% of identity theft? Identity monitoring may offer more protection by proactively searching for misuse and alerting you if any personal information is at risk for theft. Identity monitoring goes beyond credit checks, collecting more than 700 billion data elements from sources including:

  • Payday, automobile and mortgage loans
  • Change of address records
  • New check and check reorders
  • Utility accounts
  • Credit card applications
  • New wireless accounts
  • New retail credit card accounts

You pay through payroll deductions. With most options, your premium payments are divided equally throughout the policy term (in some cases a down payment is required).

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