Dental Contributions

You and the Firm share the cost of your Dental Plan coverage. Your contributions are deducted from your pay on a before-tax basis.

Note: Your location and salary band are used to calculate only your medical contribution rates.


 Yourself OnlyYourself + Spouse/Domestic PartnerYourself + ChildrenYourself + Family
Delta Dental$13.67$27.38$27.38$41.04
MetLife Dental Plan — Option A$13.67$27.38$27.38$41.04
MetLife Dental Plan — Option B$7.75$15.50$15.50$23.50

*The costs shown are per paycheck contributions. For the monthly cost, double the amounts shown.

If you are covering a domestic partner or the children of a domestic partner, the IRS determines the tax status of a dependent and may impose a tax on the value of coverage.

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