If my spouse also has an HSA, is there a limit to what we can contribute together?

If you and your spouse both have an HSA, both of you are treated as having Family coverage, even in a situation where you are not covered by your spouse’s medical plan or vice versa.

If your spouse has Family medical coverage and you have Individual coverage, both of you are treated as having Family coverage, even if the Family plan doesn’t cover you both. In either case, you can both make and receive HSA contributions as long as your total contributions don’t exceed the annual Family coverage contribution limit of $7,750 in 2023. The contribution limit is divided equally between you and your spouse, unless you agree on a different division.

For example, Bill (a Morgan Stanley employee) and Diana, both under age 55, are married with two children. Bill has Family coverage with Option C for himself and their children. Diana has Individual coverage for herself. Each establishes an HSA in 2023. Unless they agree to a different allocation, Bill can contribute $3,850 to his HSA and Diana can contribute $3,850 contribution to hers (each contributing half of the $7,750 limit). If both Bill and Diana were age 55 or older, each would be able to contribute an additional $1,000.

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