How to Pay with LPFSA Funds – Option C

You may pay for your dental and vision expense from your Limited Purpose FSA administered by AonHewitt. If you enroll in Option C, you cannot enroll in a Health Care FSA:

  • Use the Smart-Choice debit card to pay at the time of service or purchase, like you would a debit or credit card. With the Smart-Choice debit card, you don’t have to fill out forms or wait for reimbursements. Eligible expenses will automatically be debited from the correct account.
  • Or you may choose to submit an online or paper claim for your unreimbursed dental and vision expenses. You are required to provide the itemized bills, receipts and/or the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your dental or vision plan as proof of the unreimbursed eligible expenses.

You can elect direct deposit of your LPFSA reimbursements into your U.S. checking or savings account. To register for direct deposit, visit the Your Profile section on the Your Spending Account website at

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